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Albums by Deceptikon

Deceptikon Birds Of Cascadia

Deceptikon — Birds Of Cascadia

Released 8/2/2008
  1. G Funk Intro 1:00
  2. Inner Outer Offs (Remix Of Machinedrum) 3:11
  3. Detroit Revisited, Rise From The Ashes (Remix Of Direkt Jive) 3:27
  4. Footsteps In The Fire 5:42
  5. Alive In Arms (Remix Of Blamstrain) 4:05
  6. Defenestration 4:19
  7. Sorry I Shook You (Remix Of Winnie The Shit) 4:08
  8. Dre Will Have His Day 4:04
  9. Akeney, Iowa (Remix Of Tiki Obmar) 3:58
  10. Sometimes You Hear It Coming 5:25
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