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Diane Marino

Albums by Diane Marino

Diane Marino From The Heart
Diane Marino Just Groovin'

Diane Marino — Just Groovin'

Released 9/22/2008
  1. Baby I'm Yours 3:49
  2. So Much in Love (Feat. Kirk Whalum) 4:56
  3. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (Feat. Houston Person) 5:09
  4. Groovin' (Feat. Felix Cavaliere) 3:48
  5. Anyone Who Had a Heart (Feat. Wycliffe Gordon) 4:26
  6. Baby It's You (Feat. Houston Person) 3:57
  7. The Warmth of the Sun (Feat. Rod McGaha) 4:13
  8. Walking in the Rain (Feat. Mark Douthit) 4:56
  9. Dedicated to the One I Love (Feat. Kirk Whalum) 4:19
  10. Hello Stranger (Feat. Wycliffe Gordon) 4:14
  11. Yes I'm Ready (Feat. Houston Person) 4:21
  12. Never My Love (Feat. Anthony LaMarchina) 3:17
Diane Marino Loads Of Love

Diane Marino — Loads Of Love

Released 4/9/2013
  1. Get Out Of Town (Feat. Houston Person) 5:44
  2. It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream (Feat. Houston Person & Pat Bergeson) 5:44
  3. I Just Found Out About Love (Feat. Houston Person & Frank Marino) 5:44
  4. Too Late Now (Feat. Houston Person) 5:44
  5. How Am I To Know (Feat. Pat Bergeson & Houston Person) 5:44
  6. Someone You've Loved (Feat. George Tidwell) 5:44
  7. Take Love Easy (Feat. Houston Person & Frank Marino) 5:44
  8. Just For A Thrill (Feat. Houston Person) 5:44
  9. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Feat. Houston Person) 5:44
  10. Never Let Me Go (Feat. Pat Bergeson) 5:44
  11. I See Your Face Before Me (Feat. Houston Person) 5:44
  12. Loads Of Love (Feat. Houston Person & Pat Bergeson) 5:44
Diane Marino On The Street Where You Live