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Elzbieta Szmytka

Albums by Elzbieta Szmytka

Elzbieta Szmytka Chopin: Songs

Elzbieta Szmytka — Chopin: Songs

Released 10/31/2006
  1. The Wish, Op.74, No.1: The Wish, Op.74, No.1 1:51
  2. Spring, Op.74, No.2: Spring, Op.74, No.2 2:45
  3. The Sad River, Op.74, No.3: The Sad River, Op.74, No.3 3:14
  4. Hulanka (Merrymaking), Op.74, No.4: Hulanka (Merrymaking), Op.74, No.4 2:32
  5. What she likes, Op.74, No.5 1:23
  6. Out of my sight!, Op.74, No.6: Out of my sight!, Op.74, No.6 3:21
  7. The Messenger, Op.74, No.7: The Messenger, Op.74, No.7 3:01
  8. S'liczny chìopiec, Op.74, No.8: S'liczny chìopiec, Op.74, No.8 2:24
  9. Melody, Op.74, No.9: Melody, Op.74, No.9 2:18
  10. The Warrior, Op.74, No.10: The Warrior, Op.74, No.10 2:26
  11. The Double Run, Op.74, No.11: The Double Run, Op.74, No.11 1:56
  12. My Darling, Op.74, No.12: My Darling, Op.74, No.12 1:54
  13. I want what I have not, Op.74, No.13: I want what I have not, Op.74, No.13 3:42
  14. The Ring, Op.74, No.14: The Ring, Op.74, No.14 1:32
  15. The Bridegroom, Op.74, No.15: The Bridegroom, Op.74, No.15 2:00
  16. Lithuanian Song, Op.74, No.16: Lithuanian Song, Op.74, No.16 2:33
  17. Leaves are falling (Hymn from the Tomb), Op.74, No.17: Leaves are falling (Hymn from the Tomb), Op.74, No.17 4:16
  18. Enchantment, Op.74, No.18: Enchantment, Op.74, No.18 2:14
  19. Reverie, Op.74, No.19: Reverie, Op.74, No.19 1:15