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Haggis Rampant

Albums by Haggis Rampant

Haggis Rampant Haggis Rampant
Haggis Rampant Trì
Haggis Rampant Wee Beastie

Haggis Rampant — Wee Beastie

Released 11/15/2004
  1. Angel Sees A Snake/Itchy Fingers/Jackson Reel 2:15
  2. The Fairy Lullaby/Gin I Were A Baron's Heir 1:17
  3. Roast Beef Of Olde England/Orange & Blue/Wandering Home 2:15
  4. Flett From Flotta/Mairi's Wedding 2:03
  5. Morag Of Dunvegan/Beulah Dawson Brownlee 3:39
  6. Calumiain/Bessie Mcintyre/The High Road To Linton 2:39
  7. Glengarry's Lament/The Haughs Of Cromdale 3:46
  8. The Irish Washerwoman/The Rakes Of Mallow 2:27
  9. Welsh Aire/The Mingulay Boat Song/Scots Wha Hae/The Skye Boat So 4:04
  10. The Atholl And Breadalbane Gathering/The Siege Of Delhi 4:10