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Emm Gryner

Albums by Emm Gryner

Emm Gryner Gem And I

Emm Gryner — Gem And I

Released 9/21/2010
  1. Boy With An Affliction (With Matt Nathanson) 3:04
  2. Lose My Head (With Royal Wood) 3:19
  3. Sunrise Sometimes (With Sass Jordan) 3:53
  4. Top Speed (With Sara Quin) 3:37
  5. Troublesome (With Tom Dunne) 4:36
  6. Gold Soul Of Rock And Roll (With Joel Plaskett) 3:06
  7. Almighty Love (With Joe Elliott) 4:01
  8. Revolution Don't Roll (With Justin Sullivan) 3:42
  9. Get Brave (With Bubbles) 2:53
  10. The Death Of Me (With Nathan Larson) 3:49
Emm Gryner Girl Versions
Emm Gryner Public
Emm Gryner Science Fair
Emm Gryner She's Gone

Emm Gryner — She's Gone

Released 3/6/2012
  1. She's Gone 3:20
  2. Adult Education 4:57
  3. Say It Isn't So 3:49
  4. Method Of Modern Love 5:08
Emm Gryner Stray Bullets - EP
Emm Gryner The Best Of Emm Gryner
Emm Gryner The Summer Of High Hopes