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Start with a library of over 10 million tracks as a blend of internet radio and on-demand streaming. Add a super cool interface with a universe of sharing, curating and social tools built in. And you can try it for Free!

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  • 10 Million tracks
  • Internet radio +
    On-Demand Streaming
  • Sharing, Curating &
    Social built in
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We threw 10 million songs in a tank with a giant octopus — and the result was CÜR Music.

CÜR Music, a division of CÜR Media, Inc., is led by Tom Brophy, digital media entrepreneur. Other members of the CÜR Crew have spent time at RCA Records, Nokia, SiriusXM, NBA, Deutsche Bank, Harman Kardon, BET, and Sony — and now, we’ve banded together to create something new for you.

CÜR plans to be the premiere social music app for today’s music & social media lover combining music streaming with a new level of social sharing.

With CÜR, you can share songs with photos or personal video messages, curate your own streaming radio station, and customize your music experience!

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